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It’s All Bad For You

Cell phones cause cancer.

The carbs in fruit make you fat.

The media can give you a new phobia every day if you let it.

Look, simply put it’s about moderation in all things. Of course there are unfortunate people in the world that need to take extra precautions with their diet or lifestyle. When I really think about it, however, it’s our own culture of excess that has led to these negative habits and behaviors.

Here’s how to combat some of today’s trendy issues.

Don’t fill your plate. It seems simple but my Mother and Grandfather have both told me of dinners in the 7-child home and how food was portioned out of necessity. Sadly now the poor can easily access cheap and fattening processed food. Combine that with the lethargy of poverty, add rampant mental illness and addiction and there is little chance of having any kind of healthy diet. Generally, most of us have an excess of food in our kitchens and we consider a good meal based more on quantity rather then quality. The simple fix is to buy more fresh foods and buy them on a more frequent basis. Only cook what you need. One of my bad habits is to make a large batch of something with the ideas of having leftovers in mind only to go back for a second helping and maybe a third. Reevaluate your caloric need and weigh that with against the next step — activity.

Get up and do something. That’s pretty much it. You don’t need to start an intense exercise regimen … just go for a walk. Then do it again. It’s all a cliche now but that’s because it’s true. Take the stairs. Throw a frisbee. Get a new bike. I think you get the idea.

Turn off your cell phone. (… and your tv … and your computer … and …) This is a tough one for me and probably my biggest challenge. Just turn it off. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with the people around you. Especially at night and get your sleep. There are few things that can’t wait until tomorrow. And on that topic, leave your work at work and set a clear boundary between it and the rest of your life. If you work from home, that division becomes one of time. Make a schedule and stick to it.


When it comes to a healthy and fulfilling life, no word holds more weight. Have a burger and a salad. Work hard and then don’t. Have some wine. Explore your neighborhood and be a neighbor. Sometimes we all need to power down.

I don’t always do as I have said but I try. I have found though, that if these basic principles are applied to any health or social issue that might arise, the solutions hold true.

I’m going to power down … now.

(This is my first try at actually writing a post entirely with my iPod.)


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